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Who are we? was founded by a team of travel enthusiasts who share a common interest – their passion for exploring the beauties of Cuba and showing them to others!

MyPlaceCuba has its Cuban office in Viñales, Pinar del Río Province, and a number of local representatives in every province of Cuba, who will make sure that the customer service you get exceeds your expectations. Whether you are seeking a unique travel experience packed with excitement or a simple budget trip, we enable you to tailor your holiday according to you interests at the most affordable prices.

Our website is a reliable online platform which assists travelers with finding and booking great accommodations and other tourist services in Cuba, both online and from a mobile phone or tablet.

 Members of our team:

Denis Luis Crespo (Area Manager – Viñales)

José Roberto Rodriguez (Area Manager – Trinidad)

Mayelin Toledo (Area Manager – Cienfuegos)

Miriam Giro (Area Manager – Santiago de Cuba)

Rubysnen Vidal (Area Manager – Havana)

Damaris Aquilera Hernandez (Area Manager – Holguin)