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Cuba is not only tropical sandy beaches and charming colonial towns. Let’s go somewhere different now. Why not try the most beautiful rural region of Cuba? Located just 184 km away from Havana, this traditional town prides itself on unique landscape dotted with gigantic karst formations called mogotes surrounding a lovely valley known for its rich red earth, vast fields and impressive palm trees. This is one of Cuba’s most fertile areas and where some of the world’s best tobacco is grown, harvested, dried and processed. Nearby tobacco and rum factories are open to visitors and there you can get familiar with the production process. Pay a visit to some of the local eco-farms, stop to watch the spectacular sunset at the Jazmines lookout, take a photo of the breathtaking Mural of the Prehistory painted on the slope of a hill, explore the natural caves, their underground rivers and swimming pools, embark on a 4-hour hike across the tobacco fields and smoke a cigar with the local guajiro. And if you get bored of the stunning natural beauty of the Cuban village, you can always spend a day on the beaches of Cayo Levisa or Cayo Jutias.





Cayo Jutias