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National Parks

The Alexander Von Humboldt National Park

Located in the Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa Mountains between the Guantánamo and Holguín Provinces, this National Park offers its visitors a diversity of ecosystems and species unmatched in the insular Caribbean, created owing to the complex geology and varied topography of the place. A unique evolution process, triggered by a toxic effect of the underlying rocks on the nearby plants, has resulted in the development of many new species which make this park one of the most important sites in the Western Hemisphere for the conservation of endemic flora. The largest and best-conserved remnant of forested mountain ecosystems in the Caribbean boasts an extremely high degree of endemism in both the vertebrate and invertebrate species.

The hike through this UNESCO listed site is not too strenuous and enables you to freshen up in a crystal clear stream and enjoy in ripe mangoes, fresh coconut water or a lunch prepared by local farmers. If you get tired of walking, you can ride on a bullock cart and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the nearby Maguana beach.




Parque Nacional Caguanes

This national park located in the Yaguajay municipality in the northern part of the Sancti Spíritus Province, on the northern coast of Cuba, includes the Caguanes peninsula, 10 small cays (Cayos de Piedra) ) and the Guayaberas swamps and mangroves. The area is renowned for its well conserved archeology sites (cave dwellers’ heritage) and a wide variety of aquatic birds, such as flamingos and pelicans.