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How to book a room on our website?

You are only 5 steps away from a carefree trip to Cuba:
1. Browse through our accommodation listings. Find your favourites.
2. Select your dates in the calendar below the property description and fill in the enquiry form. You can enquire about several properties at the same time, as this will improve your chances of finding an available casa particular that you like. We will check the availability of the selected properties and provide you with all information that you need free of charge.
3. When you decide to book a room in one of the houses in our offer, send us a confirmation and your contact details. In order to secure your reservation and to be able to guarantee your arrival to the house owners, we will ask you to make a deposit of 10 USD per room and per day. You will receive an invoice from us and be able to make a secure payment through a direct bank transfer.
4. Having received your deposit, we will issue a payment receipt – our confirmation that your reservation is now 100 per cent secure. You will also receive a voucher with the house owners’ contact details and other useful tips on arriving safely at your destination.
5. Once you no longer have to worry about your accommodation, we can organise your transfers to and from airports and bus terminals as well as excursions of your choice. With all that done, you can relax and set out on your journey, knowing that everything is waiting for you.

Why do I need to make a deposit for my reservation on your site, while there are websites that make reservations without any charges?

A non-refundable deposit payment is a guarantee to the house owners that you will not change your mind at the last minute, and decide to stay somewhere else for the sake of your whim. In other words, this will show them that you are serious and reliable and protect them against the losses caused by ‘no-show’. And if they trust you, they will make sure your reservation is 100% guaranteed.
Although the vast majority of our clients respect their bookings, we have also had a couple of unpleasant experiences with individuals who neither showed up at the house they had booked, nor cancelled their reservations. As our objective is to protect both our partners and our clients from such dishonest and inconsiderate people, the introduction of nominal fees will provide both parties with additional security. It will also ensure transparency of communication, since these fees are non-refundable. In case of no-show, the prepaid amount our agency would normally keep as a compensation for its services, will be paid to the service provider (e.g. house owner) who has incurred a loss. On the other hand, should the service provider be unable to provide the agreed service, our client is entitled to the full refund of the prepaid amount.

Why does it take so long (up to 24 hours) to get a response to my enquiry?

Please note that Cubans generally do not have 24/7 access to Internet, and many of them do not have Internet access at home. As most of them are very busy throughout the day and have several jobs, sometimes it is not easy to reach them by phone too. As well, one needs to bear in mind the time difference when calling Cuba (e.g. 6 hours behind CET and 3 hours ahead of PDT). For all these reasons, it usually takes several hours to get in touch with our Cuban partners and get an appropriate response from them. We would appreciate if you did not double-book this property through other websites, because this can cause confusion to the casa owners, and then it will be more difficult for you to get a prompt reply.

Why do I need to make an enquiry to find out if a house has available rooms, when I can check the availability calendar on your website?

As casa owners often advertise their properties on various websites, and are not able to regularly update all their web promotion service providers on the changes in their bookings, unfortunately neither our calendar nor the calendars published on competitor sites can be adequately updated at all times. We endeavour to refresh our calendars every time a property owner gives us the dates when their casa is fully booked, however we have to allow for the possibility of a change in bookings (e.g. possible cancellations), and therefore it is always necessary to call them to check the latest developments. For that reason, it is not advisable to rely completely on any calendars you stumble upon while looking for rooms.