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Pay a visit to a dolphinarium

Travelling with children? Or you simply adore aquatic animals, such as dolphins and sea lions?

Why not play with them for an hour and take a couple of photos? A fun-packed activity for the whole family is available in Havana (Acuario Nacional), Varadero, Cienfuegos, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba.

Astonishing dolphin and sea lion shows can be viewed for different prices, depending on where you pay a visit:

  • 10 CUC/person for the show + 50 CUC for swimming with dolphins in Delfinario de Cienfuegos
  • 50 CUC/person for the show or 75 CUC for swimming with dolphins in Delfinario Cayo Naranjo, Holguín
  • 15 CUC/person for the show + 75 CUC for swimming with dolphins in Delfinario de Varadero
  • 5 CUC/person for the show + 39 CUC for swimming with dolphins in Acuario y Delfinario de Baconao, Santiago de Cuba



A slightly different ZOO – Crocodile breeding centre

Perhaps you are fonder of toothy reptiles?

If you are interested in seeing crocodiles of all sizes or trying crocodile dishes, we recommend that you visit Cuba’s largest crocodile breeding centre in Guamá. Visitors are allowed to play with baby crocs and to feed the adult ones by throwing meat pieces over a high fence.

croc photo

croc photo2


Cigar factory tours

No matter if you are a smoker or not, a visit to a Cuban cigar factory is not to be missed, as cigars are one of the island’s symbols, the legendary craftwork and an authentic Cuban souvenir. Holidays in Cuba are not complete without paying a visit to one of the famous factories, since cigar production is a kind of national art. In many factories cigars are still handmade and the process is worth seeing.

As the oldest and the most famous cigar factory in Havana, Partagas, is currently under construction to be converted into a museum, you can visit the other two famous Havana’s cigar factories – El Laguito and La Real Fábrica de Tabacos Romeo y Julieta, where you can observe the traditional cigar manufacturing process, consisting of tobacco leaf selection, rolling, pressing, quality control and packaging.

Out of the capital city there are other important cigar factories, in particular the ones located in the western part of the country (Pinar del Río region) where Cuba’s best tobacco is cultivated.

The Vegueros tobacco factory, en Pinar del Río, allows its visitors to uncover the secret of producing the world’s best tobacco, beyond the famous brands. Another factory worth visiting that produces all well-known Cuban cigar brands is Fabrica de Tabacos Constantino Perez Carrodegua in Santa Clara.

cigar factory